Want to Sing Better? I Can Help!!

1. How is the singing at your congregation?
2. Have you ever wished that your congregation could do something to improve the knowledge and skills of your Song Directors and properly train new ones?
4. Have you ever wondered what all those musical notations and symbols were in your songbook?
5. Have you ever had a desire for your congregation to learn how to learn new songs?
6. Have you ever had a desire to read music?
7. Have you ever wanted to improve your own singing ability?
8. Have you ever desired for others who sit around you in worship to improve their singing ability?

And here is a real quandary for some of you: you know that you should invite visitors to come to worship with you but you have been too embarrassed to do so because your congregational singing was so B_ _? …Well, “inadequate” might be the most politically correct way to say it!

Well, here’s your chance to address all of these questions - and even your quandary! I have designed a SINGING WORKSHOP for congregations just like yours! No matter how good or how “inadequate” their singing is. It is designed to help everyone in your congregation to improve – not just the potential Song Directors – and not just those with great voices - but for every individual in your congregation.

I call it a WORK – shop because that is exactly what it is!! It is not a series of lectures on the history of music or background stories of famous composers or hymn-stories. It is not just “music theory” for the already knowledgeable members of your congregation. It is a workshop for EACH and EVERY member. It is my belief that God wanted ALL of His people to sing praises to Him during the worship – and that He expects our best when we do it.

I will come to your congregation for 4 days, Sunday – Wednesday, and will teach your Leaders and your Followers to accomplish great things in your song service. I will take your congregation from where you are and will show you how to make your singing at least twice as good as it is now!! All you have to do is show up and work with me.

My workshops are fun, interesting, exciting, non-threatening, and spiritually uplifting. And you will learn something, too!! Check it out – you’ll be glad you did.